Alaska Ethnobotany

Ethnobotany, Ethnoherbalism and Traditional Healing

The Oral History Archive at the University of Alaska Fairbanks is a rich treasure of more than 15,000 oral history recordings. In order to make these recordings more easily accessible, the Oral History Archive maintains Project Jukebox; thematically organized interfaces to recordings with transcripts, keywords and images. Beginning in 2021, a small working group has begun to create a new Project Jukebox named: Ethnobotany, Ethnoherbalism and Traditional Healing. This project is still in the very beginnings, nevertheless, we wanted to share our first steps with our audience!

Screenshot of website
Frontpage of our Ethnobotany, Ethnoherbalism and Traditional Healing

The goal is to build on existing oral history recordings with matching content and to conduct new interviews. Currently, several courses in the UA System actively integrate these recordings into their curriculum: Contemporary Applications of Ethnomedicine and Traditional Foodways AKNS 290 (UAA, taught by Jennifer Andrulli) and EBOT 100 Introduction to Ethnobotany ONLINE and EBOT 220 Ethnobotanical Techniques (Research Methods) (UAF KuC, taught by Lisa Strecker).

Stay tuned as we keep adding recordings!