Alaska Ethnobotany

Degrees in Ethnobotany

Occupational Endorsement Certificate in Ethnobotany (OEC Ethnobotany)

The EBOT OEC consists of 17 credits of ethnobotany classes. Learn more if the OEC Ethnobotany is right for you on the program webpage. 

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(There are some inconsistencies in labeling Occupational Endorsements. The OEC is the same as the OE).

Minor in Ethnobotany

Students enrolled in any bachelor’s degree program at UAF also have the option to choose Ethnobotany as a minor.

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Ethnobotany concentration in the Associate of Science degree

Starting in fall 2022, students enrolled in an AS degree can choose ethnobotany as their concentration. The university is still updating the to reflect this new addition to the catalog. Please contact us if you are interested in enrolling!

More options

Currently, students can enroll in three undergraduate degrees in ethnobotany through our program. The courses required for the single degrees are all the same; 17 credit hours of ethnobotany courses.

Higher degrees in ethnobotany are possible at UAF but they would not be issued by the EBOT program. If you are interested in learning about options to earn a Masters or PhD degree in ethnobotany, please reach out and we will be happy to discuss possible pathways with you.

Courses required for all three degrees offered by the UAF Ethnobotany Program.


Learn more about EBOT required courses.