Alaska Ethnobotany

EBOT Courses


EBOT F120 Intro to edible and medicinal plants of alaska (2/20/24 – 4/23/24)

EBOT F120 provides a holistic and interdisciplinary overview of ethnobotanically relevant plants of Alaska by exploring human-plant relationships through the lens of food and medicine in the context of Alaska and Alaska Native cultures. The course content and instruction are rooted in Indigenous Ways of Knowing and mainstream academic disciplines. NEW COURSE!

EBOT F200 Ethnobotany Seminar (1/29/24 – 5/4/24)

EBOT 200 surveys basic concepts of the interdisciplinary academic field of ethnobotany. Through readings, integration of Indigenous/Alaska Native plant knowledge, interactive exploration, and discussions of case studies of human-plant relationships, students will learn and reflect on the role and importance of ethnobotany in light of contemporary societal and environmental issues.

EBOT F251/ANTH F255 Applied Ethnobotany Spring (1/20/24 – 4/27/24)

EBOT 251 is the spring section of a year-round course cycle consisting of two non-sequential courses that explore the seasonally-appropriate cultural uses of plants. Students will deepen their understanding of human-plant relationships through individual hands-on projects which will guide them into further studies in ethnobotany and related disciplines.

EBOT/ANTH F336 2024 Ethnomycology (1/15/24 – 5/4/24)
Flyer for EBOT/ANTH F336 Ethnomycology


For more info about our summer courses please see here.

Course flyer for EBOT 100
Flyer for EBOT 100 and ANTH 102, online-only and course with field section

EBOT100 / ANTH102 Introduction to Ethnobotany (100% online), dates for 2023: May 15 – June 23. SYLLABUS

EBOT 100 Introduction to Ethnobotany (online + field course); Dates for 2023: online (May 15 – June 9; field course in Bethel, AK (July 22 – 26) SYLLABUS

Flyer for BIOL 190
Flyer for BIOL 190 Intro to the Flora of Alaska

BIOL 190 Intro to the Flora of Alaska (course required for all EBOT degrees), June 19 – July 16, 2023 (Flyer below)


EBOT 210 2023 Ethical Wildcrafting SYLLABUS, LATE START

EBOT 220/ANTH 220 2023 Research Methods for Ethnobotanists SYLLABUS

EBOT 250/ANTH 254 2023 Applied Ethnobotany Fall SYLLABUS