Alaska Ethnobotany

Degrees in Ethnobotany

NEW: Occupational Endorsement Certificate in Ethnobotany (OEC Ethnobotany)

The new degree occupational Endorsement in Ethnobotany (EBOT OEC) has officially been approved and added to the UAF course catalog. The EBOT OEC will replace the EBOT Certificate. The OEC consists of 17 credits of ethnobotany classes. For more info, read here.

(There are some inconsistencies in labeling Occupational Endorsements. The OEC is the same as the OE).

Minor in Ethnobotany

Students enrolled in any bachelor’s degree program at UAF also have the option to choose Ethnobotany as a minor.

Ethnobotany concentration in the Associates of Science degree

The new concentration has been approved at the end of 2021 and will be added to the UAF catalog for fall 2022. We will post details closer to the academic year 22/23.