Alaska Ethnobotany

Tia Holley, abstract and bio

Speaker bio

Wellness Consultant for the Kenaitze Indian Tribe and Founder and Owner of Indigenous Herbals Inc., Tia is an Inupiat, descendent from the King Island village of Ukivuk. My late mother is Marie Anderson, born Marie Kunnuk, the man I call my father is Doug Anderson. My Eskimo name is Aisena after my great grandmother. I have a passion for pulling together Traditional Healing and Western Modalities to present a blend of information that is good for all human beings. Over 20 years’ experience creating and presenting a multitude of informational/education/cultural groups, classes and workshops from child sexual abuse, domestic violence, addictions and co-occurring disorders to bath and body care workshops using Alaskan plants, and varying Alaskan wild and traditional plant workshops and presentations. I have worked individually and collaboratively with public, private, Tribal, State and National individuals and organizations establishing culturally considerate professional strategies addressing domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, addictions issues as well as collaborating to create events and workshops on local-wild foods; harvesting, ethics, historical trauma and Indigenous use such as processing wild plants for food, medicine and utilitarian purposes. I have produced training programs for providers in Alaska’s social service fields that are holistic and culturally sensitive to the unique needs of rural and urban Alaskans. I have created numerous education materials and brochures for groups, individuals and the general public on all of the above.