Alaska Ethnobotany

Enrolling now: EBOT Summer Courses and Internship

EBOT 193 Ethnobotanical Internship at the Georgeson Botanical Garden

Flyer for the first ethnobotanical internship at GBG!

For internship details, dates and funding opportunities, please click here.

EBOT100/ANTH102 – Introduction to Ethnobotany summer course

The course EBOT 100 Introduction to Ethnobotany will be 100% online this year. The course dates for 2021 are June 28 – August 6.

EBOT 100 is a 3-credit Alaska Native Themed (ANT) course. Interested in taking EBOT 100? We are still enrolling! For questions regarding scholarships and all other inquiries, please reach out to us.

BIOL 195 Introduction to the Flora of Alaska

This 2-credit course is also a requirement for the new degree EBOT OEC. We decided to include it as it will provide with a very solid basis of plant identification skills. You can access the course website here. For questions, please email the instructor Dr. Steffi Ickert-Bond: